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Frequently Asked Questions

When you need a notary seal or related services near Modesto, California, Mandy Rodgers Mobile Notary is here to help. We keep all notary fees low and provide clients with swift, convenient service for an unbeatable experience. While we try to anticipate your questions and provide the answers here, we are available for further questions as well. Get in touch for additional information by phone or email.

Preparing Documents To Notarize

Q: What type of ID is needed to have my document notarized?

A: You’ll need ID cards that are either current or issued within the last five years. Acceptable forms of ID include:

• Driver’s License (California or Other State)
• ID Card
• United States Passport
• Mexican or Canadian Driver’s License (Issued by an Authorized Agency)
• US Military Identification Card (Must Include Signature)
• Foreign Passport If Stamped by US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS)
• Green Card, Permanent Residence/Alien Card (Only for Documents Related to USCIS, e.g. Affidavit of Support)
• California State, County, or City ID Card (Including Photo, Serial No., Signature, & Issue or Expiration Date)

Q: How much does it cost to have my document notarized?

A: This depends on the service you are requesting. Travel fees and the distance we travel to reach you are other variables to consider as well. Base prices run as follows:

• Acknowledgement — $15 per Signature
• Jurat — $15 per Signature
• Copy Certification — $15 (No Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificates)
• Administer Oath or Affirmation — $15

Travel Fees will Vary by distance

Costs To Have a Document Notarized